John Oberg

John Oberg is one of the most prominent characters in the modern animal rights movement. He is an animal advocate hoping to make the world a kinder place by utilizing the power of social media. He recently launched his own independent project for animals through Patreon. Prior to that, he served as Director of New Media for the international animal protection organization, The Humane League. And prior to that, John served as Director of Communications for Vegan Outreach. In both of these roles, John oversaw social media for the organizations which led to a tenfold increase in following for both, as well as over 1 billion views of content posted to these pages. In his new project, his social media posts have garnered over 70 million views since the beginning of 2019.

Today, John sat down with Macken for a conversation about veganism and animal rights advocacy. Together they went through the reasons for being vegan, how John became an animal rights advocate, and they jointly addressed some of the most common defenses of animal exploitation.

You can find John on his website, Patreon, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.