Clip: How did wolves become dogs?

In this short and educational video, Macken tells you how wolves became dogs through the process of natural (and less-natural) selection. It seems unfathomable that a wolf could turn into a dog accidentally, but our current theoretical framework for how wolves turned into dogs is actually entirely comprehensible, and easily distillable into a 2-minute cartoon like this one. Some of the details can't be captured in a clip like this one, however, so if you want more information about wolves & dogs, you can listen to our longer episode on them. And if you want to hear about why adrenaline reduction associated with domestication leads to floppy ears, we did an episode on that too!

By the way, this is our first video ever! Thanks to the donors, we now have the budget to occasionally commission cartoons like this one. If more people join in and donate, we can make this a regular thing! Thank you so much for the support.