Honey Badger

The honey badger is possibly the toughest animal on the face of the planet. The Guinness Book of World Records calls them the "most fearless," and that is about as official as you can get on a subjective matter such as this one. Today we talk about all the amazing facts about honey badgers you never thought you needed to know. We break down the combat match-ups, such as:

You vs. honey badger

Greatest-fighter-on-earth vs. honey badger

Lion vs. honey badger

Hyena vs. honey badger

Cobra vs. honey badger

And we answer some of the most pressing questions for honey badger enthusiasts, such as:

- Did the UK weaponize man-eating honey badgers against Iraqi forces?

- Were surveillance squirrels a factor in the war in Iraq?

- Do honey badgers really only eat honey?

- Do honey badgers follow honey guides?

- Will male honey badgers fight to castrate one another?

- What insane things will a honey badger do to gain their freedom?

We answer all these questions and more, and since it is Mother's Day we spend a little extra time on honey badger motherhood.

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